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The NRE_Scholarship_Application_Form gives instructions on how to apply.


NRE Undergraduate Scholarship Application Link - Due Date is approximately February 15th each year






George F. Cloutier Scholarship    Established by George F. Cloutier, Natural Resources class of 1949, and instructor in Natural Resources.  Open to full-time undergraduate students.  To be eligible for the scholarship, students must demonstrate financial need, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and demonstrate an interest in forestry and wildlife.  Priority will be given to students pursuing a degree with a concentration in Forest Resources. 

Award amount:  $500 to $4,000 annually


Robert S. Malloy Scholarship  Offered by the CT B.A.S.S Federation Nation.  Open to undergraduate students majoring in Natural Resources with a Fisheries and Wildlife Conservation concentration.  The successful applicant should be pursuing a career path that will likely involve the management and conservation of warm-water fisheries (particularly those that support rod-and-reel fishing).  Students that enjoy fishing and sharing fishing with youth will be favored.  Membership in B.A.S.S. is not required but is considered.   Award amount:  $1000 annually


Horace C. Eriksson Forestry Scholarship Endowed by Horace C. Eriksson, a former Forestry student.  Awarded to an upper division undergraduate student (or exceptional lower division student) majoring in Natural Resources and making satisfactory progress in the field of Forestry.  Based on coursework, outside experience (paid or volunteer) and participation in professional forestry organizations or clubs.  Preference will be given to students with demonstrated financial need.    Award amount:  $1,000 to $2,500 annually  


Henry G. Haalck Memorial Award  Established in memory of Henry G. Haalck, Professor, Natural Resources.  Open to an upper division undergraduate student majoring in Natural Resources.  Based on demonstrated interest in Forestry, involvement in extracurricular activities, and professional promise.

Award amount: $500 to $1,000 annually


David B. Schroeder Scholarship    Established for David B. Schroeder, Professor Emeritus and former Head of the Department of Natural Resources Management and Engineering.  This scholarship provides support for outstanding seniors enrolled full-time in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. 

Award amount:  $500 annually


McDowell Wildlife Award  Established in memory of Robert McDowell, Professor, Natural Resources.  Open to a graduating senior with the highest academic record who has been accepted as a graduate student in a recognized wildlife program that requires a thesis.  Award amount:  $500 annually


New England Outdoor Writers Association Award   Offered by the New England Outdoor Writers Association.  Open to undergraduate and graduate students.  Awarded to a student in Natural Resources who displays promise to make contributions or impacts to the field of Natural Resources.  Past performance, such as academic achievement and participation in extracurricular activities, clubs, and community service activities are also evaluated.  Nominations are by faculty members in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.  Awardees are chosen by a board of representatives of the NEOWA.  The selection process for applicants for the Connecticut award involves an interview with the board, usually in December.  Nominated students must be able to be present for the interview on the date specified by the NEOWA. The recipient will attend an awards reception at which an additional regional award of $1,500 will be given to one of the state awardees.  Award amount:  $1,000 - $2000 annually 


New Haven County Agricultural Center Conservation Internship   An undergraduate internship for students enrolled in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources to work with conservation groups in New Haven County.  Students must have demonstrated interest in conservation and environmental issues.

Award amount:  $2,500 annually


James V. Spignesi, Jr. Memorial Scholarship  Established in memory of James V. Spignesi, Jr. who was killed in the line of duty while working as a conservation officer.  Open to undergraduates and graduate students who are concentrating in Wildlife or Fisheries Management.  Interest in pursuing a career in conservation law enforcement is advantageous.  Nominations are by faculty members in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment.  Awardees are chosen by the Spignesi Committee through an interview process.

Award amount:  $10,000 annually (may be split between students at the Committee’s discretion). 


Whitworth Ichthyology Award    Established in memory of Walter Whitworth, Professor, Natural Resources.  Open to a graduating senior with a high academic record who has been accepted as a graduate student in a recognized fisheries biology graduate program that requires a thesis.  Award amount:  $500 annually 


Harry Farnham Memorial Award    One or more awards to CANR students majoring in Natural Resources concentrating in forestry or wildlife and game management. Preference given to students who have demonstrated proficiency in conservation.   Award Amount:  $100 - $300 annually 


Predoctoral Fellowships  Predoctoral fellowships are awarded to doctoral students on the recommendation of the graduate faculty of the department.   Predoctoral fellowships carry no service commitment. You must be a Regular (not Provisional) full-time doctoral student to be eligible for these fellowships.   Annual Award amount:  $2,556


Predoctoral Fellowships from Dean’s Office  Each year, the Graduate School provides funds in support of pre-doctoral students.   These are awarded at the discretion of the Department Head.   Annual Award amount: $4,550


Envirothon  Awarded to students who were members of an Envirothon Team in high school.  Continuation after the 1st academic year is dependent on a 3.0 GPA.  Award Amount:  $1,000 annually




(Applicants for these two CANR scholarships must be nominated by NRE’s Scholarship Committee)


Bishop-Carder Scholarship  Endowed by Ellen Bishop-Carder.  Awarded on a yearly basis to incoming or continuing graduate students who are Connecticut residents.  Recipients are chosen on the basis of academic achievement and demonstrated financial need, and are nominated by an NRE faculty member.  Award amount:  $7,000 to $13,000 annually (can be split at NRE department’s discretion). 


Eastern States Exposition Graduate Scholarship NRE recommends a student to the pool of graduate students (from the entire college) to be considered by the Eastern States Exposition Scholarship Committee.  Award is based on demonstrated financial need, scholarship, leadership, and extracurricular activities as well as the likeliness of the candidate to make a contribution to agriculture, the home, or the welfare of the citizens of Connecticut.  Very strong preference is given to students who are natives of Connecticut.

Award amount:  $3,000 annually. 



DOCTORAL-LEVEL FELLOWSHIPS AND AWARDS (available through the UConn Research Foundation) 


Semi-Annual Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship Program

Twice each year, the Graduate School awards a number of $2,000 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowships for advanced students in doctoral programs requiring a dissertation. Their purpose is to enable students to place a high priority on writing the doctoral dissertation as expeditiously as possible. The competitions for these fellowships are held in late fall and late spring each year (pending budgetary approval). To be eligible, the student must have passed the doctoral General Examination and have obtained full approval of the Dissertation Proposal (including the use of any human or animal subjects or stem cells). There is a maximum personal income limit for an applicant to be eligible. The limit is specified for each competition on the application form. Application deadlines are in late-November and mid-May. Students based at the Health Center in Farmington are not eligible to apply for this fellowship program.  For more information, students should consult their major advisor or contact the Research Foundation.

Award amount:  $2,000


Doctoral Student Travel Awards

If you are in a doctoral program, once you complete your General Examination you become eligible for a $1000 travel allowance. This travel fund is made available through your major advisor and can be used for travel to the professional meeting or conference of your and your major advisor's choice. All doctoral students are eligible for this award.  Interested students should consult their major advisor or contact the Research Foundation.

Award amount:  $1,000



Extraordinary Expense Awards for Doctoral Students

Up to $500 is available to defray extraordinary expenses involved with completion of your dissertation research.  Extraordinary expenses include those related to collecting/analyzing data, such as printing and mailing of questionnaires, fees paid to subjects, fees paid for the transcription of recorded research material, travel necessary to administer questionnaires, to interview subjects, or to do research at libraries and sites away from the campus, and unusual items of equipment or supplies that your academic program may not have. You may receive only one of these awards during your doctoral studies.  Eligibility requirements are the same as those of the Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship, except that there is no income limit. Application for the Extraordinary Expense Award must be made before the expense(s) to be covered are incurred.  For more information, students should consult their major advisor or contact the Research Foundation.

Award amount:  $500



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